Saturday, September 23, 2017

How To Protect Yourself From Evil Spirits And Evil Demons.

You can use many things to cast away negative forces these are the things I do to help.

Keep in mind I'm only telling you my methods and what works for me this doesn't guarantee it will work for you, In the end, Just try to find out what works for you and try new things on what works for you.

1. (Make a salt circle) Sit in the middle of it facing east.

2. (Meditate) Vision a shield around you.

3. (Grab some Iron) It's been proven for many years that iron can help protect you from negative entities all you have to do is keep some near you.

4. (Sage) You can always use sage or many other herbs to help you get rid of negative energy you can do things as burning it or making a herbal bath.

5. (Incense) To help calm yourself and everything around you to help you meditate you can always burn an incense, I prefer either frankincense or myrrh.

6. (Candles) Light a candle and focus on the flame on it and say simple keywords "I banish all entities out of my life and protect myself from all negative forces.

[You can also use this ritual that's been used by my teacher many times The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram