Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to build energy protection

In this blog post i will tell you how you can protect yourself with a energy shield, I am not saying once you do this it will 100% work for you, one of things you need to do is be leave it will work have faith into it, all i can help by giving you my methods. 

- Step 1. Get some chalk or Salt and make a circle.
- Step 2. set in the circle and face east where the sun and moon rise.
- Step 3. Breath into your nose and out your mouth until you feel really relax and lose hitting a mediated state. you can also light a candle, music, or incense, to help you but its optional 
- Step 4. Count down from 10 to 0 then stay to yourself deep sleeeeep.
- Step 5. Say keywords that will help you example: "I am calm, I am heavy, I am loss. 
- Step 6. Vision in your head of a orb surrounding you.
- Step 7. Count up from 0 to 10 would you're going up feel yourself coming back to your body then as your hit 10 open your eyes wide awake.

(If you don't feel it worked try this in a cleansing bath with cleansing herbs there are many of them to use but i personally use sage, Sage is good to clear out negativity, then do all the steps again.)
Hope this helps you out in building protection do this about a week then please leave a comment if it did help you out.