Friday, June 23, 2017

My Experience Of Machpelah Cemetery

This is what i experienced at the Machpelah Cemetery, I'v read on a website called I saw on the website that behind the cemetery you hear loud screams and a loud bell at 3AM I went 2 times the first time i got some activity but my spirit box died on me, Then i had some footage of my EMF Detector going off but i lost the footage on when it went off, It was so disappointing but i knew something was there so i went back 3 days later, I was there for like a half hour while i was doing the session you can see in the video below i got amazing activity, I had static came through the box which is from what i have heard is a sign of a demon or a vary powerful spirit, So many intelligent voices came through, Voices saying things like "lord" "never go" & "Remember you" It was very touching to hear a spirit telling me to never go, I just hope I got their name but i got so many names but the only one i can think of that said to me never go was Becky, Here are a list of names that I've heard from reviewing the footage Logan, Mike, Michael, Molly, & Charlie, I also had hits on my EMF after ever question i asked i got intelligent responses, sadly i did not get any on my EVP recorder, But other then that it was a great area full of activity there is clearly something or someone there in spirit form or many entities there, I would be more then happy to go there again one day.

(This Playlist is the full executrices of what i got when i went to the machpelah cemetery part 2 is the best one i find it starts to pick up.)