Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Experience Of Knock Knock Street

I did a paranormal investigation on Strasburg Road also known as knock knock street, It's a urban legend but its been told that you hear knocking on the doors of the car you're driving in when you drive down the street, My first feeling i got when i went through the street was how was it going to go i tried to get them to knock on my doors of my car my spirit box was going static more then 2 times and from what was told if it dose that more then once its a sign of a demon or a powerful spirit, i never got any knocks on my door but i got a few voices from my spirit box out of it, I passed by the street once passing a school then i turn back around telling all entails if they want to talk to me seek into my spirit box then i got the static again but the biggest thing i got from that whole investigation was the nightmare i had, I had a dream i was talking with a friend on skype then it started to go black and the call dropped my first thought was okay something has attached itself to me but i never had any nightmares after that night, the nightmare was so intense my heart was racing really fast i don't think i have not had a nightmare like that ever or a good long while it goes to show you be care something may follow you home and it mite leave but it mite wont, I really think it was trying to worn me about all this really, but that is my experience of knock knock street here is my video from the live stream i did on that street.