Friday, June 23, 2017


In this blog i tell all of you what i believe in, I believe every religion has a purpose in this word. there are times where i want to believe in a god but i do have a feeling someone or something is watching over us ether the gods & goddess or spirits and demons, In the end the only thing i can say we all have to wait and see what happens, Ether way i am vary spiritual and i just go with what works for me. i was born Catholic but was never baptist but one day i was thinking of the Catholic believe why is there more then one religion?? I was so confused so i looked into Buddhism, & Paganism, then i started to look into the ways of the occult as well & The philosopher such as Pythagoras & Plato i believe every religion has there floss and advantages in life its a amazing thing to think about i think all religions have amazing purposes, i just don't like to follow just one i like to look into as many as i can that's why i like to call myself a spiritual explorer i respect everyone's believe in life that's why i have a pendent that shows all religions and the tree of life i believe we are all apart of the same tree of life and we are all branched and all connected i always believe in one thing always respect my neighbor and i well forever and no mater there believe.