Wednesday, June 28, 2017

now service

Got a new service now you can have a seasson with me ether meditation or hypnosis seasson

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Friday, June 23, 2017


In this blog i tell all of you what i believe in, I believe every religion has a purpose in this word. there are times where i want to believe in a god but i do have a feeling someone or something is watching over us ether the gods & goddess or spirits and demons, In the end the only thing i can say we all have to wait and see what happens, Ether way i am vary spiritual and i just go with what works for me. i was born Catholic but was never baptist but one day i was thinking of the Catholic believe why is there more then one religion?? I was so confused so i looked into Buddhism, & Paganism, then i started to look into the ways of the occult as well & The philosopher such as Pythagoras & Plato i believe every religion has there floss and advantages in life its a amazing thing to think about i think all religions have amazing purposes, i just don't like to follow just one i like to look into as many as i can that's why i like to call myself a spiritual explorer i respect everyone's believe in life that's why i have a pendent that shows all religions and the tree of life i believe we are all apart of the same tree of life and we are all branched and all connected i always believe in one thing always respect my neighbor and i well forever and no mater there believe.

My Experience Of Machpelah Cemetery

This is what i experienced at the Machpelah Cemetery, I'v read on a website called I saw on the website that behind the cemetery you hear loud screams and a loud bell at 3AM I went 2 times the first time i got some activity but my spirit box died on me, Then i had some footage of my EMF Detector going off but i lost the footage on when it went off, It was so disappointing but i knew something was there so i went back 3 days later, I was there for like a half hour while i was doing the session you can see in the video below i got amazing activity, I had static came through the box which is from what i have heard is a sign of a demon or a vary powerful spirit, So many intelligent voices came through, Voices saying things like "lord" "never go" & "Remember you" It was very touching to hear a spirit telling me to never go, I just hope I got their name but i got so many names but the only one i can think of that said to me never go was Becky, Here are a list of names that I've heard from reviewing the footage Logan, Mike, Michael, Molly, & Charlie, I also had hits on my EMF after ever question i asked i got intelligent responses, sadly i did not get any on my EVP recorder, But other then that it was a great area full of activity there is clearly something or someone there in spirit form or many entities there, I would be more then happy to go there again one day.

(This Playlist is the full executrices of what i got when i went to the machpelah cemetery part 2 is the best one i find it starts to pick up.)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Experience Of Knock Knock Street

I did a paranormal investigation on Strasburg Road also known as knock knock street, It's a urban legend but its been told that you hear knocking on the doors of the car you're driving in when you drive down the street, My first feeling i got when i went through the street was how was it going to go i tried to get them to knock on my doors of my car my spirit box was going static more then 2 times and from what was told if it dose that more then once its a sign of a demon or a powerful spirit, i never got any knocks on my door but i got a few voices from my spirit box out of it, I passed by the street once passing a school then i turn back around telling all entails if they want to talk to me seek into my spirit box then i got the static again but the biggest thing i got from that whole investigation was the nightmare i had, I had a dream i was talking with a friend on skype then it started to go black and the call dropped my first thought was okay something has attached itself to me but i never had any nightmares after that night, the nightmare was so intense my heart was racing really fast i don't think i have not had a nightmare like that ever or a good long while it goes to show you be care something may follow you home and it mite leave but it mite wont, I really think it was trying to worn me about all this really, but that is my experience of knock knock street here is my video from the live stream i did on that street.