Thursday, March 16, 2017

White Noise, Sleeping, & Spirits,

Something came to my mind one day about my spirit box that spirits speaking within the white noise, and then i read up hearing white noise while sleeping makes the brain think we are still in the womb and can remove stress in a way shut down and restart your brain, so reading that makes me think more about reincarnation, thinking about how it may go together, i am not sure but you never know, somethings in this world we don't understand, but i find it kind of interesting how we can sleep with white noises to remind our brains that we are still in the womb, restart our brains, to remove stress, and we hear spirits in it, makes me think its connected somehow but im just throwing ideas and what comes to my mind, I could be wrong and my mind could be in the clouds but its just saying what comes to mind and i wanted to share it.